Who we are ?

Since 1996, NASCO have been providing with our internationally renowned partners various services and products, including geological and chemical analysis, reservoir engineering studies, equipment and materials, chemicals products, provision of qualified personnel and softwares in the fields of oil, gas, energy and general industries in North Africa region mainly Tunisia, Libya and Algeria.

The founder’s curriculum vitae

Mohamed Mhenni is a petrochemical engineer, author of a thesis
entitled “Study of production water re-injection in the Achtart oil field” at ENIT (National Engineering School – Tunis) in collaboration with IFP (French petroluem instut) in 1984. He also holds a master’s degree in organic
chemistry from the Faculty of Science in Tunis in 1980.

In December 1996, Mohamed Mhenni established his own privat company, NASCO (North Africa Services Company). NASCO is a Tunisian registered company providing services, studies and equipments for the majority of companies operating in North Africa in the sectors of energy and general

In 2007, Mr Mhenni participated in the creation of AZUR OIL AND GAS
in Algeria.

In 2008, he was also involved in the creation of MASDAR OIL SERVICES
COMPANY. Mr Mhenni has been the general manager of this latter since its foundation. MASDAR is a registered Libyan company providing services and equipments for all companies operating in Libya in the fields of Energy, Water and getneral industries.

The first part of his career took place in the energy sector. He started it at the Tunisian National Oil Company (ETAP), in the production department in 1981. He was in charge of exploitation monitoring of the oil and gas fields in Tunisia. After having taken part in the training on PVT studies at IFP, he created the PVT laboratory at ETAP in 1985. For 8 years (1985-1993), he was in charge of the management of the production laboratories (PVT, chemical analysis and core analysis).

The second part of his career was devoted to the creation of the private company COREX MAGHREB (PVT and core analyses laboratories) of wihch he was the general manager for 3 years (1993-1996).